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With increased connectivity and cross-cultural access, the world is becoming more accepting and inclusive, where all cultures and heritage are being supported and adopted. Local cuisines are leading the change, with little-known local recipes taking the world by storm.

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Accordingly, Indian cuisine, one of the popular food trends, is receiving love globally.

The primary reasons are simple steps and local ingredients to deliver complex flavor profiles. This article discusses the features of Indian food that make it well-loved and how to add them to your diet easily.

Simple Ingredients Used in Indian Recipes

The ingredient list for an Indian recipe can either be very few to make you question the taste or long enough to tire you out from reading it. Irrespective of its length, even the simplest of dishes guarantee excellent taste each time.

Take Chai, for example. The beloved tea with hundreds of variations requires three simple ingredients- tea leaves, milk, and water for a basic cup. Simply altering the quantities or adding new ingredients can add a unique taste to your daily cup of tea.

Ubiquitous Ingredients for Global Trends

A cuisine that requires the purchase of specific ingredients that are not locally grown and are expensive makes for short-term modern food trends. However, Indian food focuses on local ingredients that grow in other countries in different variations.

The basic requirements of Indian food can be easily sourced locally, different methods of cooking, and the use of spices to elevate the recipe’s taste. The interest in sustainability and foraging to source ingredients is growing in India, just like in the West, emphasizing cooking rather than the ingredients.

The Utmost Focus on Health

One thing notable about Indian cuisine is the use of healthy ingredients that focus on nourishment and well-balanced meals to optimize growth, making it one of the healthy diet food trends. Indian food has been focused on ingredients and recipes that optimize health for centuries.

Spices, fruits, vegetables, greens, and grains have been used to derive nutritional benefits and improve one’s health. In addition to offering all the essential amino acids, the ingredients used are also low on calories and have a rich supply of healthy fats.

The home of Ayurveda focused on using natural ingredients to combat issues like inflammation, manage lifestyle diseases like diabetes and prevent the risk of long-term diseases like heart disease.

Versatile Indian Recipes

Local produce is thought to have healing properties that can prevent and cure health risks and lifestyle diseases. However, the most significant factor of Indian food is its versatility. There is no fixed time to which the recipe is limited. The same recipe can be your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Slight variations allow the same dish to be presented each time differently. There is also a huge variety of ways to make the same dish. Each state in the country puts its spin on the dish and gives the local variation a unique taste.

For example, the simple homely dish- dal- khichdi, a lentil and rice preparation- has multiple cooking varieties using different locally available ingredients in each region. While the concept remains the same, slight ingredient and cooking method changes result in a noticeable difference in the recipe, allowing Indian food to be considered among versatile and healthy food trends.

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