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The Web Data Extractor can be used to build an email and phone number database from websites, files, and search engines for more than 195 countries. It’s a well-known fact that Google is the best source for finding potential employees and clients, regardless of your goal, niche, or industry. In addition to the ability to find products and services, it also allows you to build a list of email and cell phone leads for your marketing and business needs.

Is Google Search Engine A Good Source For Leads?

In addition to searching for jobs, Google is beneficial for companies and marketers to collect data for marketing and recruiting. Google is also a great platform to engage with customers and businesses. Furthermore, Google is a valuable platform for building a b2b and b2c database of millions of registered Google users.

The Best Data Extractor For Google And More Search Engines

Top Leads Scraper is widely used by corporate groups, b2b marketers, recruiters, freelancers, and individuals, to extract emails, phone numbers, and other vital information from Google and Google websites.

This Google scraping tool is basically designed for scraping Google website data; which, when integrated with Google, searches Google website data by owner name, zip code, website URL, and address extracting all valuable website data, including email IDs. This Google Data Scraper visits the user’s website to verify email and other contact details. Plus, Google Contact Extractor doesn’t require a single line of code to use.

Lastly, this Top Lead Extractor is proprietary licensed; however, you can enjoy the service for free (on trial), for a limited period of 3 days before purchase. You can get the Email and phone number finder tool from the designated website ( and you can watch the video tutorials and blog posts to understand the working of the software.

You should be aware that Website Data Scraper may restrict your Google search results; therefore, we suggest using specific keywords (such as zip code, area, category, company, or username) to get better and deeper results while mining Google data.

Also, this Google crawler will not work accurately and show reliable results if there are changes in the Google source codes, or if the Google information is made private, which means that the privacy settings have been changed.

In short, Top Lead Extractor is suitable for companies, recruiters, marketers, freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses, and webmasters, helping them get readable and scalable information from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and 66 more search engines. The software is a desktop application and automates the actual behavior of the user.

Benefits Of Using The Top Lead Extractor:

  1. The Web Contact Extractor can be used to build an email and phone number database from websites, files, and search engines for more than 195 countries from 66 search engines.
  2. You will get the data only you are looking for, while a search engine is constantly updating.
  3. Top Leads Finder tool can search Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more search engines for emails and phone numbers.
  4. Extracted data is configurable and editable in Excel and CSV format. In other words, you will get data in an organized CSV, Excel, or Text file to use.
  5. The web data extractor tool gives you access to unlimited email addresses and phone numbers of customers on a daily basis from websites that can be used for email marketing purposes.
  6. Top Lead Data Extractor is made for both coders and non-coders users as it requires no coding to use it.

Wrap Up:

Google is the best platform to collect data for marketing strategies with so many talented and potential users. Google search engine is a great platform to connect with business owners, CEOs, team leaders, and similar people in your business niche.

To contact them for marketing purposes, the best way is via email or phone number, and almost all website owners and users on Google make their contact information public to contact them. With the help of Top Lead Extractor software discussed in this post, you will be able to find and extract email addresses, phone numbers, and social media links from Google websites and search results.

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