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LinkedIn Data Export tools extract specific information from LinkedIn profiles or search results using the latest web scraping technology

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful and most used platforms for lead generation today. With over 875 million members, it’s the largest professional community online that can help you connect with employers, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and a variety of experts in almost any industry. Many people have used LinkedIn to expand their network and make valuable connections, which is great. But only being able to access these contacts on the platform can be a bit limiting. Fortunately, you can export LinkedIn contacts and extract the most important information in just a few minutes with LinkedIn scraping tools. Let’s look at some of these LinkedIn scraping tools below that can find and export data from LinkedIn profiles, pages, and search results.

What Is A LinkedIn Data Export Tool?

LinkedIn Data Export tool is software to extract specific information from LinkedIn profiles or search results using the latest web scraping technology. These LinkedIn scraping tools are specially designed in a way that mimics a human and extracts data from LinkedIn with 100% accuracy as compared to humans. Moreover, you can get from LinkedIn for any industry and country from LinkedIn without learning any programming language. I wrote more about the best LinkedIn search export tools.

1. LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper

If you’re in search of a user-friendly, no coding required LinkedIn scraper, the LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor interface is a simple point-and-click method. LinkedIn Crawler will extract an assortment of information from LinkedIn profiles, including specific job positions and profiles for both individuals as well as businesses. There is a single-user license fee for LinkedIn Recruiter Profile Scraper $99, but the free 3-day version gives you access to all programming functions to see if it’s right for you.

LinkedIn Profile Scraper will compile a list of relevant leads, based on specific criteria you provide, such as positions for hire as well as certain companies. The LinkedIn lead generation tool will scrape LinkedIn profiles and websites and create a targeted list of candidates for you including their contact information much faster than could be done manually. Plus, the scraping technology of LinkedIn Data Extractor adheres to LinkedIn’s service terms.

2. LinkedIn Lead Extractor

The AI programming in LinkedIn Lead Extractor makes LinkedIn scraping data easier than ever. LinkedIn extractor advanced technology and ability to imitate a real person not only protects your anonymity by using several IP addresses and authenticated logins when extracting data from LinkedIn but you can also set up scheduled times for data scraping from LinkedIn. Whether your goal is to collect information on clients or competitors, LinkedIn Data Scraper can scrape practically any LinkedIn user profile including blogs, social media links, emails, phone numbers, skills, and more. The 7-day free trial allows you to give LinkedIn Lead Extractor a test run and compile up to 10,000 records that you could store in your computer in CSV, Excel, and Text files. After that, the monthly fee of the software is $59.99.

3. LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn Company Extractor scraping tool doesn’t require any coding knowledge, yet allows you to extract data from LinkedIn company profiles and pages. The programming in the software is designed to dodge proxy restrictions and bot detection protocols while protecting you from being blocked from LinkedIn. Choose Excel, CSV, and Text format to export your data from LinkedIn. The monthly subscription fee of $59.99 allows you to virtually store your data output, whereas the free version limits functionality and allows you to see data on the software only. LinkedIn Data Export Tool can be customized to scrape specific data from LinkedIn company profiles. The more you use the LinkedIn scraping software, the better trained its AI becomes, enabling you to tweak the extractions and setup schedules according to your needs.

Wrap Up

If you want to export LinkedIn data on your computer in your desired formats, there are many options to choose from. Whether you wish to export contacts from your LinkedIn connections, extract email addresses, or revamp your entire LinkedIn outreach strategy, there’s a tool that can help you in every situation.

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