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Muslims perform the Umrah Packages From UK journey to gain peace and spiritual strength. In Islamic culture, the minor pilgrimage comes with a set of rules. These sets of rules are different for men and women. The pilgrims who want to complete their Umrah pilgrimage must have to follow these instructions otherwise their journey will be incomplete. When men or women are going to be a pilgrim toward the House of Allah Almighty then they must know about the rules and regulations that apply to them.

Along with the rules and regulations, there are some restrictions as well. These restrictions are fewer for men but it is more for women. Men can freely roam around Masjid-Al-Haram while women cannot roam freely in the Grand Mosque. Moreover, men can perform prayers loudly while women cannot perform them loudly. They have to recite prayer and Talbiyah in low voice. Follow these instructions and avail of our Umrah packages from UK. These packages are the best packages that you will ever see among all travel agencies. Don’t miss this opportunity and avail the best Umrah packages.

Dress Code For Women During Umrah

Every pilgrim has to assume Ihram before starting their Umrah journey. The Ihram for men and women is completely different. There is no flexibility for men in their Ihram clothing. On the other hand, women can wear casual dresses for the state of Ihram. But there is a prohibition on wearing fancy clothes. As such clothes attract their attention towards herself. That’s why women are recommended to wear simple clothes during their Umrah journey.

Most of the women wear simple abayas for the state of Ihram. For women, it is necessary to cover the whole body except the hand and face. Her face must not be covered when in the state of Ihram. Similarly, her Hands also remain uncovered during the state of Ihram.

Guidelines For Women Performing Umrah Journey

There are certain guidelines for the women who are planning for the performance of the Umrah journey this year. Every woman must have to follow these instructions and keep them in your mind while performing the Umrah journey. Let us put glance at these guidelines.

  • Women have to trim their nails before performing the Umrah journey. They cannot trim their nails when they are in the state of Ihram. You can trim them before or after the Umrah rituals.
  • Similarly, a woman performing the Umrah journey cannot cut her hair during the state of Ihram. It is included in the rituals of the Umrah journey that they have to perform Taqsir after the completion of the Rituals of Umrah. Taqsir means women have to trim their hair equal to the length of the fingertip. But she cannot cut her hair when she has worn Ihram. It is strictly prohibited to trim your hair in the state of Ihram. Cut them before wearing Ihram or after exiting the state of the Ihram.
  • Women can wear stitched clothes for the state of Ihram. Allah Almighty has given the flexibility to the women in their Ihram state. She can wear her normal clothes to enter into this sacred state. But you should keep in your mind that the clothes should not be shiny and fancy. It will attract the attention of other people towards her. That’s why the clothes should be kept as simple as possible. Mostly, an abaya is recommended for women. It is from head to toe and covers the whole body of the woman as well.

Performing Umrah Journey

  • The woman should shave the hair off her body before entering the state of Ihram. She is not allowed to shave her body hair during the state of Ihram. So, must complete this task before starting your Umrah journey.
  • Moreover, women have to talk a purifying bath before the prayer starts. She has to offer two Rakats prayers for making Niyyah of Ihram. Before this prayer, she has to purify her body by taking a purificatory bath. This bath purifies you of all kinds of dirt and cleanses your body. You are going to visit the House of Allah Almighty so your body and soul must be clean before entering the sacred House of Allah Almighty.
  • One more important thing to know is that you must keep some spare clothing with you. Sometimes, your clothes get dirty and you need clean clothes for offering prayer and rituals of the Umrah journey. In this way, if you will have some spare clothing then you can change your clothes when getting dirty. These instructions are for you to follow in your Umrah journey with Umrah packages from UK.
  • A woman more than 45 years old can travel without a Mahram. She can travel with a group of people for the performance of the Umrah journey. So, she has to protect herself from chastity. She has to pray in an area that is specifically designated for females.
  • Women have to keep their voices low when reciting Talbiyah. She cannot maximize her voice because it will enter into the ears of other people which is prohibited for them.

So, you should follow these guidelines if you are a woman and going to perform an Umrah journey with Umrah packages from UK. Makkahtours have Umrah packages 2022 for you. Must avail of these packages.

Restrictions For The Woman Performing Umrah Journey

Along with the guidelines, there are some restrictions for the woman as well. They have to stay refrain from these acts when performing the Umrah journey with Umrah packages from UK.

  • A woman cannot establish any physical relationship with a person when she is in the state of Ihram. Physical intimacy with his husband or any other man is strictly prohibited during this sacred state. If you create any kind of physical relationship with a man then your Umrah journey becomes invalid.
  • If a woman is on her period then she cannot take part in an Umrah journey. It is because she is in a state of uncleanliness.
  • Women cannot move freely anywhere without their companions or Mahram. She must be along with them. If she is going to perform Umrah without Mahram then she must stay with her group members.
  • Marriage in the state of Ihram is a complete prohibition. Women cannot sign a marriage contract in this state. And if they try to do it then this marriage is invalid.
  • All of her body parts must be covered when she is wearing Ihram. Only her hand and face should be uncovered. She cannot cover them.
  • She can wear jewelry but it is advised not to wear it because it can attract the attention of others.
  • Wearing any kind of makeup is also a prohibition in this sacred state of Ihram.
  • Fragrance or any kind of perfume is also prohibited for the women performing the Umrah journey.


In short, there are some rules and regulations for the women Performing the Umrah journey. There are some restrictions as well. If a woman does not follow these guidelines for the performance of the Umrah journey then her Umrah journey becomes invalid. The rules for women are slightly different from the rules for men. Both of them should follow their rules accordingly. After reading this article, you will have a complete guide for this journey. Makkahtours have Umrah packages from UK.

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