Business owners are always looking for unique packaging ideas to improve their brand’s image in their target market. Packaging is more than just cardboard and designs; it is the brand’s entire personality. Creating profitable designs and social media-shareable packaging has become the most convenient method of marketing and advertising. All of this, however, is not cheap and costs businesses a lot of money. Here come the low-cost stationery design services. There are several stationery design services available, but it is difficult to find one that is affordable. The design industry has matured to a large extent, with creative designers reaching peak salaries. So, if you are getting a logo design online or any business stationery, make sure you set a budget ahead of time.

This article will show you how to get low-cost custom packaging for your customers. Read on for the top 5 budget-friendly custom-packaging ideas, and you’ll thank us later.

Be inventive with your Packaging inserts and Notes

Packaging inserts should always be avoided. The first approach is to be inventive with notes. This includes simply placing a small note inside the package with the customer’s name and a few sweet words to add a personalised touch. This applies not only to Shopify brands, but also to large corporations. In seminars and workshops, companies typically distribute customised shirts or notebooks with the company’s logo printed on them. Including a personalised note for each guest will not cost you much, but it will add significant value to your packaging without breaking the bank. These notes, however, can be printed or handwritten as desired. Handwritten notes in various colours are highly recommended for B to C business settings as a humble gesture for your customers.

You can thank your customers for purchasing from your brand or simply ask them to leave feedback on your social media handle, which will increase brand engagement.

Another excellent suggestion is to include a small logo card inside the package. This may not cost you anything because you can create it on any online tool, such as Canva or Microsoft Word, and have it printed on paper stock.

Being a Minimalist

Sometimes less is more, and this is true of packaging. It is not always necessary to be fancy. Sometimes a minimalist approach maintains decency and even adds an elegant touch to your brand. This includes avoiding the use of boxes, which account for the majority of the packaging budget. It is not applicable in all cases, but you can always think of better and less expensive alternatives. This way, you will stay within budget and, unlike your competitors, your packaging will be customised.

For example, if you own a skincare company, you can use small pouches instead of boxes to package your products. All skincare products, whether face masks, serums, soaps, or scrubs, are packaged in boxes, as is the industry standard. Why not make small pouches for these items? Consider a small bottle of facial serum in a convenient pouch. That’s adorable! Furthermore, carrying these products everywhere will be more convenient for women.

Sleeves and Belly Bands made to Order

Individualized packaging Sleeves and belly bands are extremely useful for low-cost custom packaging. A sleeve, also known as a belly band, is a piece of paper or soft cardboard that wraps around almost anything. It is similar to an open box with no confined ends; it is also known as a cylinder. It is best to go with almost everything and anything if you are running a B-to-C business. It could be soap, a pair of pants, a pair of socks, a makeup case, or a glass set. Custom sleeves are appropriate for representing annual diaries to your employees in corporate settings. The sleeves are significantly less expensive than a box.


Stamp is the most cost-effective option for new businesses. If you’re sending your products in a plain brown paper bag, how thoughtful would it be to have a stamp made for it to add to the package’s overall personality? The stamp is a one-time purchase that does not incur significant costs. As a result, it is one of the best solutions for making your simple packages more visually appealing.

You can, however, be as creative as you want with the stamps—starting with the logo, you can add quotes, shapes, and anything else that you think will look best on the top of your package. This will work particularly well with food brands, particularly cookies and other bakery items. In contrast, a box will set you back a fortune.

Die-cut Evergreen Boxes

Die-cut boxes will never go out of style, and who doesn’t know they are the perfect low-cost solution for almost anything? These boxes save space while also being less expensive. Furthermore, they can be completely customised. You are free to include a logo, quotes, or whatever else you want on the package. As a result, it is always preferable to a hardcover box.


Last but not least, whether you use boxes or bags for packaging, there are always quality variations. A luxury packaging box, for example, will always be more expensive than a kraft paper box.

As a result, kraft paper boxes are always more cost-effective if the board is not fragile and does not require extra protection during transit. Plastic bags, too, are available in a variety of durability levels. A standard grocery bag is less durable than a shopping bag.

Similarly, the shopping bag is less durable than a high-quality plastic bag used to transport heavy items such as nuts, screws, and other items. As a result, given the product’s weight, you can choose an average-quality shopping bag. If you own a clothing company, a plastic shopping bag will suffice instead of paying a premium for a cardboard shopping bag.


A product’s packaging is an essential component. It steals the most attention from your competitors, so even if you have a limited budget, use your creativity to make the most of it.

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