Are you looking to install vertical Blinds in dubai in your home but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we will share two fail-safe ways to install your vertical blinds so that they look good and function properly. You know what they say, measure twice and cut once. This advice definitely applies when it comes to installing vertical blinds. So, be sure to take your time and follow the instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes.

Method One: The No-Tools Needed Approach

There are a few ways to install vertical blinds, and we’re going to cover two of the most popular methods. The first is the no-tools needed approach, which is great for those who don’t have a lot of tools or experience with home improvement projects. This method uses Velcro strips to secure the blinds in place, so it’s important to make sure that your window surface is clean and free of debris before you get started.

To begin, measure the width of your window and add four inches to that number. Cut your Velcro strips to that length and peel off the adhesive backing. Stick one strip to the top of the window frame and one strip to the bottom, making sure that they’re evenly spaced. Next, take your blinds and line them up with the Velcro strips. Press firmly into place and voila! Your vertical blinds are now installed.

Method Two: The If-All-Else-Fails Technique

If you find yourself in a situation where none of the other methods seem to be working, there’s one last technique you can try. This is known as the “if-all-else-fails” technique, and it involves using a bit of brute force.

First, make sure that the brackets are properly aligned. If they’re not, they won’t be able to support the weight of the blinds, and they’ll eventually fall off. Next, take a look at the screws that are holding the brackets in place. Make sure that they’re tight and not loose.

If everything looks good with the brackets and screws, then it’s time to start applying some force. Grab hold of the blinds and give them a good tug. If they don’t budge, then try pulling harder. You may need to use a bit of muscle, but eventually, the blinds should come loose from the brackets.

Tips for Success

1. Tips for Success

a. Read the instructions carefully before starting the installation process.

b. Have all the tools and materials ready before beginning.

c. Take accurate measurements of your window so that the blinds fit perfectly.

d. Follow the directions step by step to avoid any mistakes.

e. Ask for help from a friend or family member if needed.


There you have it, two fail-safe ways to install vertical Blinds in Al Barsha . The first method is by using the adhesive tape and the second one is by screwing the brackets into place. If you’re not sure which installation method to use, we suggest that you try out both and see which one works best for you. In any case, we hope that this article has helped make the process of installing vertical blinds a little bit easier for you.

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