Regardless of what you’re selling, a commission only high ticket closer will be able to help you close more deals. In fact, it’s a skill that can be learned and isn’t difficult to master. You just need to follow a few steps.

Empathizing with people

Whether you are a newbie sales person or a seasoned veteran, there are numerous ways you can ace the commission only high ticket closer test. This involves learning about your customer and a little nitty gritty about your company.

While you’re at it, consider implementing an empathy map. The idea is to make the customer think about their needs, and to get your team to brainstorm on how to address them. This is a good exercise for a number of reasons. Not only will it get your team thinking about your customer’s needs, it will also allow them to see the bigger picture.

The best part about the empathy map is that it can be done for free. Whether you’re using a free template or creating your own, this exercise can be a fun way to introduce your team to the importance of empathy.

Listening skills

Having good listening skills is one of the most important aspects of a high ticket closer’s job. They need to connect with the prospects’ background and understand their needs. The closer needs to be patient when the prospect asks lots of questions.

A high ticket closer will not necessarily sell their own products. Many closers work on a commission basis. They also need to follow a consistent sales process to help them close deals.

High ticket closers are often experienced salespeople. They are also coaches who can help clients close deals. They can also work as consultants or course sellers.

The typical salesperson is primarily motivated by money. They will often try to sell their product or service, and will be too busy talking to listen to the buyer. In fact, research shows that a salesperson will speak on average 80 percent of the time during a transaction.


Using the persuasion for commission only high ticket closers isn’t just about putting up a flashy sign and chasing after prospects. It’s about making the right arguments in the right way. Using the correct language is a must. This way, you can establish trust and credibility without feeling pushy.

The persuasion for commission only high-ticket closers may be the most expensive way to make a sale, but it’s also the most effective. A good high-ticket closer can use the sales process to free up time for the business owner. It also provides them with a measure of control and leverage over their competition. Using the process correctly is the key to closing big deals for your business.


Using a high ticket closer can be a boon to your sales and marketing efforts. These are professionals who do all the leg work to close deals for you. Their job is to call up potential clients and get them to buy. The aforementioned sales process allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. These include marketing and promoting your products.

The highest of high ticket closers can be experienced sales people or neophytes looking to get their foot in the door. There are also those who work for commission only. This allows them to get paid for closing a deal. This could prove to be a lucrative career for some.

Inbound and outbound prospecting

Depending on what you want to sell, you may choose between inbound and outbound prospecting. If you want to sell big ticket items, such as a home, a car, or a business, you may want to choose inbound prospecting. This type of sales requires a little more skill. Inbound marketing requires you to create content to attract customers. This content may be shared on social media. Inbound leads may also have an email signup form, which sends them emails promoting your products.

High ticket closers are sales professionals who can close high ticket deals. They don’t have to force customers to buy, instead they are able to educate potential clients about your company and products. They can also make sales for commission.

8 step sales process

Developing a winning high ticket sales process isn’t just about calling prospects, it’s also about creating a culture of high performers. This is a big challenge for a startup, and one that can be alleviated with the right tools and techniques. If your company is in the business of generating high ticket sales you will need a system that will help you do the right things at the right time. One such a company is CommissionCrowd, which specializes in B2B commission only sales. Its 8 step high ticket sales process will help you increase your sales output while reducing your sales cycles. Using this system will save you time, money and sanity.

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