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Umrah is the act of devotion and worship for Muslims. It holds a lot of significance among the community of Muslims. Every year millions of Muslim pilgrims perform Umrah’s journey all across the globe. They have faith and belief in their heart for the performance of the Umrah journey. Pilgrims seek forgiveness for their past sins by Performing this sacred pilgrimage. It holds an excellent place in the heart of Muslims. As we know that we can complete Umrah rituals in a few hours. It takes almost 5 to 6 hours for the completion of Umrah rituals.

After the completion of Umrah, rituals visit different religious places n Mecca and Madinah. This visit to different sacred places makes their journey more beautiful. If you make time for these holy places then your Umrah journey becomes more spiritual as well. Eimantravels have cheap flights to jeddah from london from you. Now you can land directly from Manchester to Jeddah airport easily. Moreover, there is no stay between the flight. It will help you to reach Mecca very easily. The flights are very comfortable as well.

Spend More Time In The Mecca

When you have performed your Umrah journey at Mecca then you want to spend more time in Mecca. Eimantravels have solved your problem in that you can stay in Mecca City for many days. We have cheap Umrah packages in which you can stay in Mecca and Madinah for a longer time. During this time, you can visit multiple holy places in Mecca and Madinah. It will increase the spirituality of the Umrah journey.

You will feel a strengthening in your faith after visiting sacred places. These beautiful places have a lot of attraction for Muslims. The religious places are serene and sacred. It will help you to arouse your faith and belief in Allah Almighty. For visiting these places, you must know about these places. In this article, we will discuss the sacred places in Mecca and Madinah.

Best Places To Visit

Many places in Mecca are worth a visit. We must visit these places when we go to perform the Umrah journey. Eimantravels have cheap flights to Jeddah from London. In these packages, visiting religious places is also present. And you don’t need to pay for transportation for these visits. The expenses of transport will be present in the cheap Umrah packages. Now, let us know about these places without wasting your time.


Masjid-Al-Haram is the most well-known Grand Mosque of Mecca. This mosque is surrounded by the Holy Kaaba. Muslims offer their prayers to Allah Almighty facing the Holy Kaaba is the epicenter of this mosque. Furthermore, it is the most visited place in Mecca. Pilgrims find it their good fortune when they visit this mosque. One of the rituals of the Umrah journey is offered by pilgrims in this mosque. This ritual is the Performance of Tawaf.

Muslims circumambulate the Holy Kaaba in this Mosque. Visiting this mosque is one of the most spiritual acts to do during the Umrah journey. Now, you are just a booking away from this Mosque. Book your cheap flights to Jeddah from London and Perform your Umrah Journey as soon as possible.

Jabal Al Noor

Jabal Al Noor is the Hill of illumination of the Hill of light. This mountain is well known for the Cave of Hira. If we reveal the history of Islamic literature then this place is where the Holy words of Allah Almighty were revealed to our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. These words were revealed through the angel Jibreel. Due to this reason, this place has great importance in the lives and hearts of Muslims. Pilgrims keenly visit this place. They believe that their faith gets more strength when they visit this place. After the completion of the Rituals of Umrah journey, you must visit this place.

Mount Arafat

Mount Arafat is also quite renowned as Jabal Ar Rehmat. This amount is visited place of millions of Muslims every year. They visit this place during their Hajj pilgrimage. Scores of Muslims offer prayers and rituals at this place. Muslims have a separate place for this place in their hearts. It is advisable for pilgrims to must visit this place when they go for performing the Umrah journey.

Jannat Ul Maula

Jannat ul Maula is one of the most significant cemeteries for this Muslims. It is the place where ancestors and relatives of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH are resting in peace. Due to this reason, Muslims refresh their faith and strengthen their Imaan by visiting this place. They increase their spirituality when they come to see this sacred place associated with the relatives of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. 

The location of Jannat ul Maula is to the north of Masjid-Al-Haram. The distance between Jannat ul Maula and Masjid-Al Haram is about a kilometer. Hence, this distance is of only fifteen minutes. Muslims visit this place to pay their respect to the deceased souls.

Masjid E Ayesha

Masjid e Ayesha has another name which is Masjid e Ta’neem. This mosque is the second largest mosque in Mecca. This mosque is one of the oldest establishments in the city of Mecca. This factor makes it a must-visit place during the Umrah journey. The location of this mosque is very close to the Holy Kaaba. This is the place where pilgrims enter the state of Ihram. They visit Masjid e Ayesha for entering into a state of purity. Hence, without visiting the masjid e Ayesha and wearing Ihram, pilgrims can’t enter and perform the Umrah journey.

This mosque is named in remembrance of the wife of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH, Hazrat Ayesha R.A. This is on the highway of Madinah and almost 10 kilometers from Masjid-Al-Haram. Hence, it is Miqat for the pilgrims to perform the Umrah journey or Hajj pilgrimage.

Masjid E Nabawi

Masjid e Nabawi is located in the holy and sacred city of Madinah. This is one of the stunning mosques in Madinah. This mosque is the visiting point of millions of Muslims who become Pilgrims for the performance of the Umrah journey. Moreover, it is the point of attraction for Muslims who are present in Madinah. When we study the Islamic culture, we come to know that it is the resting place of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. You can do the best thing by praying in this mosque.

Masjid E Quba

It is one of the sacred places which is present in the outer area of Madinah. It is the first mosque that is mentioned in the history of Islam. Moreover, this is the second-largest mosque in the city of Madinah Munawwara. This mosque witnesses large gatherings during the holy month of Ramadan. When you do to perform Umrah with cheap flights to Jeddah from London, then you must visit this place. It will help you to strengthen your Imaan.


In short, visiting the Sacred places during your Umrah journey brings spirituality to your heart. Umrah rituals get completion in a few hours. After that, you visit different religious places. When you visit these sacred places, it gives you a sense of completion of the Umrah journey. Moreover, we have created ease for you by giving you our best services and packages as well.

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