BFF ka full form  :- Best Friends Forever. BFF (Best Friends Forever) is used for those friends who are close to your heart i.e. your forever friends are called your BFFs. Now you must have understood that BFF means Best Friend Forever is used for Best Friends.whose persons are lucky who have bff. BFF Meaning in Hindi– (Hamesha Ke Liye Achha Dost)

What is BFF ?

The term BFF is widely used during conversations on social-media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media sites. BFF Meaning in Hindi- (Hamesha ke liye Achha dost) School children and teens in particular, with college students featuring prominently, mention BFFs during chats and in the captions of friends’ photos and group photos. The term BFF (Best Friends Forever) is used for those friends who are your special friends i.e. friends who support you in every situation. Whenever you use the word BFF for a friend, it means that that friend is special to you and the trust between you is very deep.

The origin of the term BFF Meaning in Hindi- (Hamesha ke liye Achha dost)is believed to be from the year 1996, which has also been included in the New Oxford American Dictionary on 16 September 2010. It is often used by people during daily chat for their special friends. , Also social media sites also give you many options for this. For this you get special stickers and emoji.

Where to use BFF?

Although you can use this word anywhere, but most of the youth use this word in social media. When a boy or girl shares their photo with their best friend on social media, the caption shows their friend as BFF Meaning in Hindi- (Hamesha ke liye Achha dost).

In today’s era, it is a popular word which is used a lot in social media. You will often find this word written in Caption, Post, Status. Also, when you introduce your best friend to other common friends for the first time, there you can introduce your close friend to other common friends by calling them BFFs. It is observed that this word is more popular among girls than boys, that is, girls use the word BFF Meaning in Hindi- (Hamesha ke liye Achha dost)more than boys. The use of the word BFF among the youth is very common in today’s time. Friends BFF doesn’t just mean Best Friend Forever, it has many more meanings. But in this article we have told only about the one which is most used in social media and most popular among the people.

History of BFF Word ?

There are thousands of questions in people’s mind regarding this that how did this word come on social media? And students have the most trouble remembering it because they don’t know where it started. In such a situation, it can be a big problem for them. In such a situation, we give information about it. BFF Meaning in Hindi- (Hamesha ke liye Achha dost)

It was first used in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1987 and was later officially added to the Oxford Dictionary on 16 September 2010. In 1997 in the TV series Friends (S3 E25).

Another full form of BFF ? 

  • Best Forward Fight
  • British Forces Foundation
  • Best Female Friend
  • Boy Friend Forever
  • Binners Family Farm
  • Ben’s First Fans
  • Backstabbing Fake Friend
  • Best Feline Friend
  • Backends for Frontends
  • Bicycle Film Festival
  • Be Faithful Forever 


Friends, I hope you have come to know the full form of BFF in Hindi. And why is it most popular at the moment? You may not be aware of this word, but you have a friend who is very close to you, then you can use the word BFF for her.

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